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Palermo Physical Therapy

A full service physical therapy office dedicated to conquering life's challenges with you everyday. Have you struggled with a debilitating injury, looking to recover from surgery, want a second opinion? Dr. Palermo has years of experience and is standing by to help you!

About Doctor Palermo


Providing unparalleled levels of experience in the field of physical therapy; we have the know how to get you better effectively. In addition to starting his own practice, Doctor Palermo has worked in the field for over a decade with other highly respected therapists in the field.


Doctor Palermo's extensive studies and work experience have led him to developing his own practice over the years. With over a decade of hands on experience and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy under his belt, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands.


Having confidence in your abilities as a physical therapist – as in many medical professions – will give you competence. Doctor Palermo is confident because he knows the art of Physical Therapy better than anyone. You won't find a more competent person to help you heal.


Beyond common decency, being kind to your patients means both of you will be in a good mood for treatment sessions and excited about positive results. A well-treated patient is more likely to feel good about themselves and get comfortable, often multiplying the effect of treatments.

Dr. Marco Palermo Physical Therapist

With years of experience and schooling unrivaled by his counterparts, Dr. Palermo continues to improve the lives of his patients everyday.


Best described as hard working and hands on.

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Years of study and hard work have lead to his own practice.

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A kind and caring professional who wants to help you.

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Hands On

All work is performed by Doctor Palermo himself

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What our Patients are Saying

People love us at Palermo Physical Therapy

  • After a small wrist surgery I sought therapy from Dr. Palermo and I'm glad I did. I feel great and it's all thanks to him.

  • Dr. Palermo was able to get me back into top physical condition after my ankle surgery. I could not be more pleased!