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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries
Sports injuries occur when one or more muscles, tendon, bone or cartilage are not strong enough to withstand the impact generated by the sport. This weakness exists because you have not strengthened the body’s core infrastructure that supports movement. Pain, stiffness, swelling, and poor performance are the direct results of sports injuries. A person’s physical infrastructure includes posture, range of motion, and movement patterns. For example, a person with a weak hip will develop knee injuries over time.

Physical therapists are devoted to a total body approach that examines physical structure and the resulting sports injury. As a result, the sports injury is treated as well as the weak part of the infrastructure that potentially caused an injury. The physical therapist’s goal is to increase muscle strength and return the body to its pre-injury state.

Minor injuries may put you out of the game for a few days, but an untreated sports injury will put you out of the game permanently. If you are injured playing a recreational sport, play it safe and consult with a physical therapist prior to returning to the sport.