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Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

Things To Consider

Whether you are a high school athlete, a professional, or simply enjoy athletic past times, sports related injuries are part of the experience.

It is devastating if you have to worry about how long it will take to recover and if you will be able to play the same way again. Different injuries call for different types of treatment, however physical therapy for sports injuries is always a necessity in the process of recovering. Often times, it is most beneficial to have physical therapy before injury even occurs. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Back Pain: Back pain is on of the most common injuries, with just any one part of the back being injured resulting in pain. Lower back pain often occurs due to overuse, strain or injury. This includes too much bending, twisting, lifting, and even too much sitting. For our athletes who have not stretched properly, this is one of the most common injuries.
  • What We Can Do: Our Physical therapists work with you to stretch and exercise all 30 muscles in your back and the supporting muscles in your abdomen. Even a minor back injury needs physical therapy in order to heal correctly.

  • Knee Injuries: Physical therapy can improve your prognosis for anything from Runner’s Knee to one of the most common injuries which is a torn ACL. Research has found that Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears occur four times more frequently in females than in males involved in the same amount of sports participation.
  • What We Can Do: Typically treatment plans include resistance therapy, ice packs, and massage therapy. Therapy is designed to reduce stiffness and increase strength. These exercises are non-weight bearing so that they allow the knee to heal. Over time, the exercises become more intense and challenging.

  • Concussions: This is one of the most difficult to injuries manage. Athletes in all sports are at risk of a sports-related concussion, but the most at risk are athletes who participate in football, boxing, hockey, rugby, and cheer leading. If left untreated concussions can pull you out of the game permanently.
  • What We Can Do: Ultrasound therapy utilizes high-energy sound waves to relieve painful joints and muscles. The sound waves vibrate deep into the injured area. This emits heat that increases blood flow to the area, which in turn increases oxygen flow and promotes healing. Ultrasound therapy is often combined with massage therapy.

  • Post Surgery: Often times sports related injuries such as torn muscles or broken bones require some level of surgery. These surgeries can require you to refrain from moving the injured parts of your body for long periods of time. The longer you go without using these muscles, the longer it will take for it to heal which overtime might significantly weaken them.
  • What We Can Do: Electronic muscle stimulation uses an electric current that causes muscles to flex and contract. This lets the injured muscles to work and keep from weakening without risk of further injury. This is great for patients who have been bedridden and unable to use theses muscles for a certain period of time.

  • Pre-Injury: Before you even allow yourself get injured, seeing a physical therapist may benefit you greatly.
  • What We Can Do: We offer sports medicine which strengthens the muscle systems that support the body during the activity. These preventative therapy sessions aim to strengthen the major muscle groups that are primarily used during the activity. We also offer manual therapy which can reduce the risk of small injuries becoming larger ones. This type of therapy is very popular for athletes seeking to increase physical performance and to prevent injuries.

Even though it may not seem like physical therapy for sports injuries is necessary, the truth is that it might be the difference between being able to keep playing sports and having to end your athletic career. Doctor Palermo is a dedicated physical therapist who has many years of experience at his own physical therapy practice Palermo Physical Therapy. His caring and compassion combined with extensive knowledge of the subject matter makes him a leader in the field.