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Physical Therapist

Doctor Marco Palermo Physical Therapist

What is a physical therapist?

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals who have earned a master’s or doctorate degree in physical therapy. They provide their services in hospitals, out patient facilities, schools, rehabilitation clinics, and home care centers. Physical therapists work to rehabilitate people who have sustained an injury, birth defect, disease, or other pathological process that has interfered with the proper functioning and alignment of the musculoskeletal system. The physical therapist works directly with the patient thorough a series of exercise and other physical therapy methods to rehabilitate the patient. Physical therapists focus on pain relief, healing, and restoring function and movement to the afflicted area. Just as doctors do, physical therapists devote their entire professional career to rehabilitating their patients and preventing injuries.

A professional and experienced physical therapist: Doctor Palermo is a hands on physical therapist and he can get you back to work or play quickly and effectively. Trust in him to help you conquer life’s challenges. Call us today!

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A trusted doctor

Doctor Palermo is a trusted doctor of physiotherapy dedicated to making your life more comfortable.


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We are located in nearby Jericho, Long Island, New York on Jericho Turnpike.


A physical therapist dedicated to his work.

As defined by wikipedia a physical therapist is dedicated to attaining the knowledge and skills necessary to alleviate your problems. Dr. Palermo has spent the majority of his professional life studying, and working, towards creating a practice that will help you get better. Find out why so many say that he is the best at what he does.

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