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Manual Therapy & Massage

Human touch has tremendous healing potential. The use of manual therapy techniques were widely accepted in ancient Greece and Rome. Manual therapy and massage is so beneficial to the patient, in fact, that it is utilzed to treat injured patients and to promote wellness in those who are in perfect health. Manual therapy and massage is especially successful with patients who are recovering from a surgical procedure, chronic condition, or has been experiencing chronic pain.

Manual therapy and massage is so successful because the sessions are specifically tailored to each patient and frequently modified as the patient’s needs change. When used long term the approach allows the patient to reach a greater baseline and continue to treat the added afflictions. As a result the patient can achieve a permanent state of wellness which before was not a possibility.

In a therapeutic setting the manual therapy and massage integrates range of motion techniques and rehabilitation strategies into one approach for the client. The treatment is excellent for those seeking to increase physical performance and to prevent injuries. Fitness clubs and day spas offer manual therapy and massage services to clients to enhance the wellness benefits of their services. Many athletic organizations design massge therapy programs for their athletes to reduce the risk of injury. Manual therapy enables a small injury from becoming a big problem. In many instances the patient was not aware that they had been experiencing discomfort and range of motion limitations until after a few sessions when the full range of motion is restored. So many people simply accept physical limitations and attribute them to age. This is not the case!

If you are considering manual therapy and massage, clearly it is a benefit to both injured and well people alike. This technique has withstood the test of time and is the most basic of all physical therapy services available today. Sometimes getting back to the basics is the best strategy!