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Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Are you suffering from back pain, a stiff neck, or sore muscles? Do you frequently experience arthritis pain and headaches? If traditional methods of pain relief have not worked for you, then electronic muscle stimulation may be your answer.

What is electronic muscle stimulation?

Electronic muscle stimulation is a treatment that uses an electrical current to target a specific muscle group. Electrodes are placed on the skin which emit low frequency signals to the affected muscle group. The stimulation causes the muscle to flex and contract. This enables the injured and atrophied muscle to work without further risk of injury. This movement restores blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. The therapy allows patients who have not been able to exercise or move muscles to begin a therapy program at the lowest level of engagement.

Electronic muscle stimulation is very effective in therapy settings for patients who have suffered some degree of paralysis. The therapy improves function for atrophied muscles that need a starting point that provides little to no resistance. In a hospital setting, electronic muscle stimulation is the first step after surgery to stimulate blood and oxygen flow. The approach is widely utilized in a variety of settings to treat physical impairments, injuries, and to keep muscles in good health during periods of strenuous activity.

Electronic muscle stimulation causes no discomfort to the patient and has no adverse affects. The therapy is also highly successful in accomplishing its goals. If you are suffering in pain electronic muscle stimulation may allow you to be pain free.