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Knee Pain

It is estimated that 75% of the population will experience knee pain at some time in their lives. As society has placed an increased value upon the merits of exercise and eating healthy, more Americans are getting up and moving. Despite the inherent benefits of exercise to acheive optimum health, we are at great risk for injury. Knee pain and injury transcends both age and physical condition, with the entire population at risk for knee injury.

Why are knee injuries so common you might ask? The knee is the largest joint in the body. By design the knee is a sophisticated structure consisting of a system of joints and muscles which ultimately attach to the leg. When the infrastructure is overextended or out of alignment the result is knee discpmfort. If one of the connecting leg muscles is injured the knee absorbs the impact and attempts to compensate for the injury. The result is further injury to the knee. Aside from the connective tissue the knee itself is as strong as it is fragile. The meniscus, a thick pad of cartelidge between the two koints formed by the femur and tibia, is relied upon to absorb great pressure and weight of the human body. Fluid filled sacks called bursae reduce friction. When the meniscus is injured this friction causes pain.

When is it time to see atherapist for my knee pain?

It is common to experience pain and swelling for minor knee injuries. In this instance applying ice and resting the knee should alleviate the condition. Pain and swelling that lasts for more than 48 hours should be examined by a doctor. In addition, frequently recurring pain that lasts less than a 24 hour period is also a sign of a greater problem.

Physical therapists develop a specific treatment plan for your particular injury. Typically treatment plans include resistance therapy, ice packs, massage therapy, and aquatic therapy. Physical therapists have also been instrumental in restoring the knee to a healthy state eliminating the need for invasive knee surgery.

If you are experiencing knee pain and are sick of taking addictive medications that do not correct the pain then physical therapy might be the answer.

Eliminate your pain and restoer yourself to a healthier, more mobile you by making an appointment for an evalutation today!